Ghost Aliens (2014)

Daniel is confronted by an Indian, befalled by various Office Paranormals’, at that time a retired US General whom broadcasts the finalize of the World is today. Later that daylight each person inside the Office has an come upon of a valid Alien, that has spinned…

Director : Joe Guinan
Cast : Joe Guinan, Tommy Bull, Sam Desai, Chelsea Zotta, Lando Jackson, Mariano Mendoza, Paddy Creamer, Christina Allen, Randy Cooper, Ray Gutierrez, Leo LaPlante, Willie Mora, Lori Nason, Michael Hodges, Dina Rodriguez, Ranae Smith, Gina Gonzales, Kenin Aquimatang, Clinton Lane, Tina Ritt
Genre : Animation, Fantasy, History, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Run Time : 58 min
Country : USA