Dam California (2012)

Michael Rodriquez comes conjugal enjoys 2 tours of battle obligation to sum up his native land on the limit of self-destruction. A corrupt politician has sold out his tiny farming town to an evil corporation (Poseidon) controlling various of the county, plus the situations water. The ravenous group is collapsing, little bit the corporation buys wide awake their land. The partisan security at the rear of Poseidon's decease hold close on dampen is a small, endangered fish. Poseidon attributes the fish to leverage the congressional assist to make 3 different dams. This major motivates a eye-catching biologist by the remark of Meghan Conner's to sum up a rule to excepting the fish plus transplant them, casting off one another enjoys the endangered type sort plus acquiring somewhere else Poseidon's powers.
Michael Rodriquez comes household derive pleasure 2 tours of war responsibility to deem his homeland on the breaking point of self-destruction…

Director : Isaac Piche
Cast : Dave Anderson as The General, Amelia Avila as Newscaster, Nick Corvello as Newton, Christopher Damm as Chuck, Grant Davis as Jacob Rodriguez, Jef Derderian as James, Mike Ervin as Radio DJ, Kalen Johnson as George Daughtery, Teri Levy as Mary Rodriguez, Jeff Moore as Cesar, Scott Myers as Dr. Shiller, Frank Olivia as Robert Rodriguez, Douglas Olsson as Jack O'Brien, Sarah Poynter as Megan Connors, Isaac Ramos as Jeremy Rodriguez, West Ramsey as John, Scott Reeves as Brad, Lisa Rentuor as ER Doctor, Jonathan Retamoza-Davila as Barry, Josh Reyes as Michael Rodriquez, David R. Roberts as Charley, Bob Ross as Thomas, John Scacco as Tommy, Steven Segal as Cletus, Jeffrey Weissman as Harvey
Genre : Action, Drama
Run Time : 90 min
Country : USA