Golf Cart Jihad (2015)

Spencer Appleberry, a United States Marine, earnings house to weigh up himself inside a dead-end work with dependent on alcohol…

Director : Jeff Kimble

Genre : Comedy, Drama, War

Run-time : 116 min

Region : USA More...

Flat Earth (2014)

A flick of Monique Verhoeckx which deals plus the stricken struggle occurrences of her father as in any case as grandfather…

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Biography, Drama, War

Run-time : 80 min

Region : Netherlands | Thailand More...

In Silence (2014)

Director : Zdenek Jiráský

Genre : Drama, History, War

Run-time : 90 min

Region : Czech Republic | Slovakia More...

Through the Never (2015)

After obtaining phrase that Alan has been bruised inside war, Avery must make of inside herself the potency to adapt as one the category who has allowed her, minute struggling with the growing awe of her tenderness by no means handing over home.

Director : Tre Manchester

Genre : Drama, Romance, War

Run-time : 97 min.

Region : USA More...

Tell Them of Us (2014)

A drama reviewing the specific tale of a grading inside World War One in addition to how their lives modified while their two sons go away to war.

Director : Nick Loven

Genre : Biography, Drama, History, War

Run-time : 70 min

Region : UK More...

Allies (2014)

August 1944. A players of British defense force led by a US Captain are declined at the back of rival libretto inside France on a job that may well shorten the war…

Director : Dominic Burns

Genre : Action, War

Run-time : 93 min

Region : UK More...

Lotus (2014)

Lotus is my foremost single-channel vigor also marks an indispensable readjustment inside my practice. I appropriated…

Director : Shiva Ahmadi

Genre : Animation, War

Run-time : 9 min

Region : USA More...

There (2014/I)

A disgruntled veteran ineffectual to adapt be a tower of potency to into neighborhood justifies home terrorism by designating his actions plus remote invasion.

Director : James Fotopoulos

Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi, War

Run-time : 103 min | 104 min

Region : USA More...

Precipice Hours (2014)

A terrifying vision of a post-apocalyptic England, where the fractured factions also tribes of the new…

Director : Richard Weston

Genre : Drama, Horror, War

Run-time : 116 min

Region : UK | Belgium More...

Fort Bliss (2014)

After handing over conjugal bask in an spreaded sail inside Afghanistan, a furbelowed U.S. Army medic as nonetheless as solitary mum seeks to restructure her relationship plus her juvenile son.

Director : Claudia Myers

Genre : Drama, War

Run-time : 116 min

Region : Turkey | USA More...