The Strangeness of Coming Home (2015)

Aaron, a United States Marine, is desirous to go again home. However, the real world he comes pitch inside with to feels funny as anyways as unfamiliar…

Director : Alexander Collins

Genre : Drama, Family, War

Run-time : 9 min

Region : USA More...

La Guera, my forgotten land (2015)

Mohamed lives inside Nouadhibou, inside Mauritania. But he would continuously picture the ghost of his earlier town inside front of his eyes…

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Documentary, Short, History, War

Run-time : 29 min

Region : Spain | Italy | Algeria | Mauritania | Western Sahara More...

Hasan 'The Tank' (2015)

Director : Kakia Gkoudina

Genre : Documentary, War

Run-time : 24 min

Region : Greece More...

Expendable Assets (2015)

Inspired by the existent occurrences of male trafficking furthermore the policy of deepest Armies hired given that surpass dollar to do the bidding…

Director : Tino Struckmann

Genre : Action, War

Run-time : 97 min.

Region : USA More...

P-51 Dragon Fighter (2014)

As World War Two rages on, the allies are on the pilot of work flat out the Nazis out of North Africa. That's whilst the Nazis appear the heat, unleashing their hush hush Weapon – dragons.

Director : Mark Atkins

Genre : Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, War

Run-time : 85 min

Region : USA More...

Fires on the Plain (2014)

A Japanese soldier endures illness, starvation in addition to brutality inside the Philippines at the trace total of WW2.

Director : Shin'ya Tsukamoto

Genre : Drama, War

Run-time : 87 min

Region : Japan More...

Suite française (2014)

During the early on existence of German vocation of France inside World War II, romance blooms between Lucile Angellier, a French villager as in any case as Bruno von Falk, a German soldier.

Director : Saul Dibb

Genre : Drama, Romance, War

Run-time : 107 min

Region : UK | France | Canada | Belgium More...

The Muselmann (2014)

The flick takes out zone inside the iciness of 1944 inside a Nazi involved awareness camp inside Poland. Three survivors- Eli…

Director : L.S. Graye

Genre : Drama, History, War

Run-time : 76 min

Region : USA More...

Theatre Without Audience (2015)

ATW hardly survives Hitler's in addition to Stalin's cruelties. In 1966 the Polish author in addition to theatre critic emigrates to the USA in addition to explores "Theatre Without Audience": a plan which Brecht passed through inside the 20ies nonetheless under no circumstances applied.

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Biography, History, War

Run-time : 90 min

Region : More...

Blackhearted Devils (2015)

During Operation Husky inside July of 1943, Paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division are tasked plus rescuing…

Director : Mitchell Babarovich

Genre : War

Run-time : USA:90 min

Region : USA More...