Stand (2014/I)

A gay couple's explore because the detail on the subject matter of a homophobic offense inside Russia.

Director : Jonathan Taieb

Genre : Drama, Mystery

Run-time : 87 min

Region : France | Russia | Ukraine More...

The Last Line (2014)

A besieged person responsible move on a surreal tour to weigh up the breaking up of her story.

Director : Ross Andrew Wilson

Genre : Adventure, Mystery

Run-time : 23 min

Region : UK More...

Murder at High Tea (2014)

After a run of odd mishaps at the 'La Lady Lemon Zinger Tea Room', tea area owner, Hayley Westchester-Michelson…

Director : Wendy Heidrich

Genre : Mystery

Run-time : USA:60 min

Region : USA More...

Kafe Lale – the film (2014)

The picture is the sequel of the of "Kafe Lale". At the finish of the procession every person thinks Hubert died, although this is not true. In the ''Kafe Lale – the film" Hubert struggles to exterminate Katya.

Director : Velizar Borev

Genre : Mystery

Run-time : 60 min (original version)

Region : Bulgaria More...

Beneath Glass Trees (2014)

In this half-breed of music with film, a adolescent dame ventures into the woods to resolve the disappearance of her precious younger brother. Terrifying discoveries surpass the enquiry away from time, bringing enjoyment at the value of her extraordinarily soul.

Director : Alex Amadei

Genre : Fantasy, Horror, Music, Mystery

Run-time : 60 min

Region : USA More...

Sometimes, It's the White Guy: Or How I Learned That Fanatics Aren't Always Middle Eastern (2014)

a filmmaker tells the account of an evangelical buff who terrorizes his ex-wife following she grass him for the motive that a core eastern.

Director : Parsa Yazdani

Genre : Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Run-time : 59 min

Region : USA More...

Her Wilderness (2014)

An elliptical, minimalist chronicle of a lost, migrating teenager inside the wake of an interest that could or could not go through also happened.

Director : Frank Mosley

Genre : Drama, Mystery

Run-time : 65 min

Region : USA More...

Bodom (2014)

For the 50th holiday of the Lake Bodom murders, two media students dependent on the case initiate a journalistic investigation. The footage they undergo vanished at the back of main raises innovative questions.

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Horror, Mystery

Run-time : 65 min

Region : Hungary More...

Suburban Spies (2014)

Two agents attempt to resolve a conspiracy inside a petty town by donning many disguises in addition to interviewing groups of people they smell can troth involved.

Director : Adam Griswold

Genre : Comedy, Mystery

Run-time : 64 min

Region : USA More...

Jose Gonzalez Lands in America (2014)

Jose, a Mexican Immigrant, has resolve to go out his country, plus set off to America, as a 'better way;' plus to exact the English language…

Director : Shedrick Cortez-Stokes

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Run-time : 63 min

Region : USA, UK More...