Meter Maid Man (2015)

Director : Drew De Four

Genre : Short, Comedy, Musical

Run-time : 5 min

Region : USA More...

Bubble Bubble Meows and the Lame-O Baby Jib (2015)

Bubble Bubble Meows as anyhow as his buddies job to reverse an additional produce trend's unfortunate adjoining effects.

Director : Matt Orefice

Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family, Musical

Run-time : 83 min

Region : USA More...

Lord Jones Is Dead (2015)

Two journalists plus a photographer are sent to bet out a woman's place of abode plus informed not to get back without a story. When the mature man shows no signal of appearing, they receive matters into their own hands.

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Comedy, Musical

Run-time : 83 min

Region : Canada | Australia | South Africa More...

We'll Know When We Get There (2015)

Phil also Colin Beverly are two unhandy minute town brothers also hefty dreams, also a song-and-dance rock collection to acquire one another there…

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Comedy, Family, Musical

Run-time : 78 min

Region : USA More...

I Cannot Go on as I Am (2014)

A man searches given that meaning subsequent to trailing his lover as nonetheless as job.

Director : Edgardo Flores

Genre : Drama, Musical, Sci-Fi

Run-time : 90 min

Region : USA More...

Journey of a Garden Balsam (2014)

A Korean grown-up is compelled into sexual slavery by the Japanese imperial army at various the podium in globe effort 2.

Director : Young Man Kang

Genre : Musical

Run-time : Korea:50 min

Region : South Korea More...

Songs She Wrote About People She Knows (2014)

Carol discovers how to lose friends furthermore alienate people in general once she starts making a song crooning she wrote near to people in general she knows.

Director : Kris Elgstrand

Genre : Comedy, Music, Musical

Run-time : 80 min

Region : Canada | USA More...

The Bloody Indulgent (2014)

After killing the owner of a B-rated strip club, Burt, an indulgent vampire also a relish always hides out (and dopes up) at a fashionable treatment den…

Director : Ken Roht

Genre : Comedy, Horror, Musical, Thriller

Run-time : USA:80 min

Region : USA More...

Der letzte Autrag (2014)

In make a request to excepting his female offspring he must kill, inside make a request to excepting self they must sing.

Director : José Hidalgo

Genre : Musical

Run-time : 60 min

Region : Germany More...

The Beauty Strip (2014)

The Beauty Strip is a movie with observation to gamy interpretation.

Director : Ginnetta Correli

Genre : Musical

Run-time : 58 min

Region : USA More...