Motivation (2015)

Two track record executives impatiently meets a infantile also talented player to provide him a continuation altering opportunity, on the varying hand on condition that he betrays his beliefs.

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Short, Music

Run-time : 97 min.

Region : USA More...

Immortal Dear (2015)

Five friends plus previous college bandmates are constraint get fixed inside with mutually following life apart, once their buddy plus drummer of the band commits suicide.

Director : Dan Holodak

Genre : Short, Drama, Music

Run-time : 22 min

Region : USA More...

Aging Youth (2014)

After Jimmy gets proposed pleasure of given that personality the eldest to graduate take bliss in his class, he begins his 'mid teen crisis' along with decides to contemplate distinctive attributes of gaining wide awake given that engrossed times.

Director : Javier de Haro

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Music

Run-time : 71 min

Region : USA More...

Pierrot Lunaire (2014)

A infantile missy that usually dresses since a boy falls inside care in addition to seduces a infantile missy that has no suspicion that her female friend has the unchanged sex…

Director : Bruce La Bruce

Genre : Music

Run-time : 51 min

Region : Germany | Canada More...

Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands (2014)

Now they have to be compelled to cope with individual the chief band on the planet, individual government spies, budding self image also band rivalries for the Battle of the Bands approaches.

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Comedy, Horror, Music

Run-time : 50 min

Region : USA More...

Fall Out Boy: The Young Blood Chronicles (2014)

The members of Fall Out Boy submit to a concatenation of functions examining in addition to making a song music fancy their Save Rock in addition to Roll album.

Director : Zaeh Donald

Genre : Music

Run-time : 50 min

Region : USA More...

School Dance (2014)

A expensive family freshman needs to engagement allotment of the more or less accepted dance clique inside his family except he tends to freeze inside the discovery also has no cue how he's reaching to elapse the initiation.

Director : Nick Cannon

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Music

Run-time : 85 min

Region : USA More...

Riding 79 (2014)

It's 1979 along with Migue is near to press on the ride of his vitality to join up his daydream gal Stella.

Director : Karola Hawk

Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Music

Run-time : 80 min

Region : Puerto Rico More...

Songs She Wrote About People She Knows (2014)

Carol discovers how to lose friends furthermore alienate people in general once she starts making a song crooning she wrote near to people in general she knows.

Director : Kris Elgstrand

Genre : Comedy, Music, Musical

Run-time : 80 min

Region : Canada | USA More...

Lost Angels (2014)

Lost Angels is a music/drama compilation to the soulful sounds of Oliver Pigott, the contestant Canadian Idol…

Director : Stan Harrington

Genre : Drama, Music

Run-time : 87 min

Region : USA More...