Desabafo (2015)

Director : Márcio B. Venturi

Genre : Drama

Run-time : 78 min (original release)

Region : Brazil More...

The Lion's Path (2015)

Alex, a teen gentleman inside his twenties on the lookout for a future, needs to point a meaningful life. Disillusioned, he vegetation school…

Director : Stéphan Beaudoin

Genre : Drama

Run-time : 78 min

Region : Canada More...

Under the Sun (2015)

Siwan's mamma who invested her being alive to the church inside expect of marking off his brothers predicament dedicated suicide furthermore his father is hiding derive pleasure creditors. Siwan, the end lot gone alone, ideas to payback the church leader.

Director : Seul-ki Ahn

Genre : Drama

Run-time : 78 min

Region : South Korea More...

Flyleaves (2015)

The movie revolves concerning the vitality of an player plus his inner self. One daylight hours he comes across an opus inside his house…

Director : Navin Chandra Ganesh

Genre : Drama

Run-time : India:78 min

Region : India More...

By Jingo (2015)

A juvenile grown person tries to give as his pregnant female friend inside the wake of a hurricane.

Director : Ryan Caraway

Genre : Drama

Run-time : 78 min

Region : USA More...

Tamago (2015)

Kii Peninsula, Wakayama, Japan. In a petty harbor town at the Southernmost conclude of Honshu Island, a Highschool…

Director : Koji Hirano

Genre : Drama, Family

Run-time : 78 min

Region : Japan More...

Pause of the Clock (2015)

The every year is 1995. Two college roommates, Dylan along with Rob, are earning a picture got up-to-date with "Crueler Than Truth" plus a brand of their friends inside Colorado along with Chicago. During the introduce Dylan stumbles upon Rob's track record along with secretly begins to see it.

Director : Rob Christopher

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Run-time : 78 min

Region : USA More...

Censurado: Inno all'amore (2015)

Christmas Eve. The timer has only strike at midnight. A grown grown woman is inactive on the couch along with the swell Christmas tree dominating the wide in existence room…

Director : Mauro Russo Rouge

Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller

Run-time : 78 min

Region : Italy More...

Zoo School (2015)

Director : Andrea Tomaselli

Genre : Drama, Horror

Run-time : Italy:78 min

Region : Italy More...

Eating Scum (2015)

Before welding a twinkle mob as spontaneous ear bleeding infection, he begins the daytime and a cup of coffee in addition to a feminist book.

Director : Davor Radic

Genre : Drama

Run-time : 78 min

Region : Sweden More...