Time for a coffee (2015)

this is a studentds project…a support

Director : Iulian Bulat Eugenia Capula

Genre : Drama

Run-time : 12 min

Region : Italy More...

Now that i am home (2015)

Director : Valerio Mendoza

Genre : Drama, Family

Run-time : 12 min

Region : Czech Republic More...

Irene (2015/II)

Director : Luis García

Genre : Drama, History, Romance

Run-time : 11 min

Region : Colombia More...

Ashes the Music Track (2015)

Music bask in Ashes attribute picture 'Light Falling' quiet by Rosemary Duxbury.

Director : Alan Coulson

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Run-time : 11 min

Region : UK More...

Fly Alone (2015)

On an without anything beach, boy meets damsel – who at times agrees uncontrollably. She is spellbound along furthermore the direct he has far more than the kite his flying. He is spellbound along furthermore her presence. Turns out, weirdness is not since unique since we everything assume.

Director : Klaudia Bielecka

Genre : Drama, Mystery

Run-time : 11 min

Region : Poland More...

Awoken (2015/II)

Director : Jay Cross

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Run-time : UK:10 min

Region : UK More...

Nightfall (2015/III)

Consumed by his mother's death, a zealous boy seeks to convince his unconvinced male species member of a junky breathing inside the woods previous it feeds again…

Director : Meg Scott Cain

Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller

Run-time : 10 min

Region : USA More...

Back to my body (2015)

She twists me, bends me, transforms my body. This curved spine. This hump on my aid separating my wings, sticking to my skin. Like a losing that will not occur… My scoliosis.

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Drama

Run-time : 9 min

Region : Canada More...

The Strangeness of Coming Home (2015)

Aaron, a United States Marine, is desirous to go again home. However, the real world he comes pitch inside with to feels funny as anyways as unfamiliar…

Director : Alexander Collins

Genre : Drama, Family, War

Run-time : 9 min

Region : USA More...

In a Minor Lustrum (2015)

A bisexual adolescence wakes wide awake inside a forgotten dream.

Director : Michael Van Devere

Genre : Drama

Run-time : 7 min

Region : USA More...