Big Man (2015)

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Animation

Run-time : 11 min

Region : South Africa More...

Mr.Y (2015)

Troubled inside love, Mr.Y embarks on a fantastical vacation — will he accomplish on this rummage around in rummage around of love?

Director : Yuanyuan Qiu

Genre : Animation, Fantasy

Run-time : 9 min

Region : China More...

My American Waistline (2015)

Fearless, unapologetic, politically mistaken with simply simple gross, the sequences delves into our unrestricted neurosis almost overeating…

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Animation, Comedy

Run-time : 9 min

Region : USA More...

Pacino & Walken: Roomies (2015)

Al Pacino also Christopher Walken are Roomies.

Director : Michael Sprague

Genre : Animation, Comedy

Run-time : 9 min

Region : USA More...

Postbox 1347 (2015)

Director : Dora Martinkova

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Fantasy

Run-time : 7 min

Region : UK More...

Symphony of Two Minds (2015)

An stupendous opera, a adorable banquet, in addition to two puzzling natures creating a set off at it. But this day it gives the impression the world doesn't desire to receive each other seriously, in addition to their specific praxis is catching up.

Director : Valere Amirault

Genre : Animation, Action

Run-time : 7 min

Region : France More...

Datum point (2015)

Yoshiro Ishihara (1915-1977) is "poet of silence." He mentioned "A poem is an impulse to defy writing." This picture is a trial to pursuit out the surroundings cherish his poem.

Director : Ryo Orikasa

Genre : Animation

Run-time : 7 min

Region : Japan More...

Happy End (2015)

A black comedy just about kicking of the bucket along furthermore a cheerful ending.

Director : Jan Saska

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Run-time : 6 min

Region : Czech Republic More...

Balloon Ride (2015)

'A destructive anecdote of a infringed family'

Director : Evan Hughes

Genre : Animation, Drama

Run-time : 6 min

Region : Australia More...

November & a Thanksgiving Story (2015)

Director : Donn Weber

Genre : Animation, Short

Run-time : 1 min

Region : USA More...