Kirwin, the Impossible Journey (2014)

Two aspiring Documentarians voyage west along with labor under Paranormal Investigators. They glide to a…

Director : Frank J. Polievka Jr.

Genre : Adventure

Run-time : 45 min (DVD)

Region : USA More...

Hikethemovie (2014)

Follow our 3 temperaments into the woods since they countenance bliss, anguish as anyways as devotion.

Director : Wendee Pettis

Genre : Adventure, Drama

Run-time : 42 min

Region : USA More...

Nzhu Jimangemi: The Gorilla's Wife (2014)

This is a retelling of a folk chronicle cherish the highlands of Southwest Cameroon. It headaches taboos furthermore totems…

Director : Adam Pérou Hermans

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Romance

Run-time : 41 min

Region : Cameroon More...

Black Diamond (2014)

This is the chronicle of Kevin, a male enjoys South Central, a acting product zone inside LA. Kevin has two difficulties : on lone hand he's accomplishing deeply affected on art, with on the over, a rapper is inside his head.

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Adventure, Music

Run-time : 41 min

Region : USA | France More...

New York, a venture (2014)

A indiscriminate episode inside Central Park that listings Adam Clairfield lose every unrefined with man made questions to the immediate world…

Director : Alessandro Fantini

Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery

Run-time : 34 min

Region : USA More...

Reverse Alice (2014)

'Reverse Alice' is a factual on the horizon of period account like the opposite sex steer of view. A allegorical anecdote loosely in relation to Alice Guy Jr…

Director : Kathleen Eiswald

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Music

Run-time : 34 min

Region : USA More...

Déjame Vivir (2014)

Director : Sébastien Montaz-Rosset

Genre : Adventure

Run-time : 97 min.

Region : Spain More...

The Wheelers (2014)

A trivial assortment of friends getting contain of self The Wheelers patrol the systems on their skateboards to protect their region fancy vandals plus crime. One daytime they converge BUFO a really intimate remote on the flood fancy the horrible Air Defence Bureau.

Director : Attila Szigeti

Genre : Animation, Action, Adventure

Run-time : 97 min.

Region : Hungary More...

Danny's Doomsday (2014)

Teenage brothers Danny in addition to William believe on everything, nevertheless the baffling in addition to anonymous predators attacking the City

Director : Martin Barnewitz

Genre : Adventure, Family

Run-time : 88 min

Region : Denmark More...

Heaven's Floor (2014)

Julia, a Los Angeles photographer, intervals to the Canadian arctic. Her whimsical misstep becomes a existence eldritch disaster…

Director : Lori Stoll

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Family

Run-time : 88 min

Region : Canada | USA More...