Throwdown (2014)

A tender criminal alibi attorney attempts in addition to a homicide case that is not because cut-and-dried because it gives the impression only once the mob gets involved, also he at once grasps that to hold himself also his buyer alive, he must operate outside of the law.

Director : Timothy Woodward Jr.

Genre : Action, Thriller

Run-time : 97 min.

Region : USA More...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

When New York is place less than siege by Oscorp, it is wakeful to Spider-Man to until the city he swore to protect in addition to his adore ones.

Director : Marc Webb

Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Run-time : 142 min | 165 min (Extended Cut)

Region : USA More...

Singham Returns (2014)

Owing to the wrongdoings affiliated as well as evils the image of black money, an straightforward although violent regulate officer income for the Deputy Commissioner of Police as well as the likelihood of wiping out injustice.

Director : Rohit Shetty

Genre : Action, Drama

Run-time : 142 min

Region : India More...

In Picture (2014)

A excellent cop dreadful cop design also action, drama plus mystery. The pilot haracter winds conscious inducing to style a decision between human being a excellent cop or a dreadful cop.

Director : Trevor Cherry

Genre : Animation, Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Run-time : 140 min

Region : USA More...

Give (2014/II)

Give is as facets to a tender domestic fitness assistance concern giver whose profession is to seize concern of groups of people also drink complication furthermore quadriplegics…

Director : Trevor Cherry

Genre : Action, Drama, Family

Run-time : 140 min

Region : USA More...

Magnum Muslim .357 (2014)

A Muslim regulate lieutenant gets rid of on a criminal syndicate at the rear of the kidnapping of a Muslim princess.

Director : Francis Posadas

Genre : Action

Run-time : 140 min

Region : Philippines More...

Borbaad (2014)

A chronicle rotating with facets to by purchasing a moto bike.

Director : Raj Chakraborty

Genre : Action, Drama, Romance

Run-time : India:140 min

Region : India More...

Gone with the Bullets (2014)

Set inside 1920s Shanghai, Ma Zouri also Xiang Feitian express inside words a controversial splendor fiesta got on to the Flowers Competition…

Director : Wen Jiang

Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama

Run-time : 140 min

Region : China | USA | Hong Kong More...

Spider Man: Lost Cause (2014)

Peter Parker a leftover teenager discovers that his parents were inside a chilling design to variety humanity change…

Director : Joey Lever

Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Run-time : 140 min

Region : UK More...

Netru Indru (2014)

A squad of cops is sent to the wooded area to capture/kill a keep gaze at over officer who has vanished rogue.

Director : Padmamagan

Genre : Thriller, Action, Adventure, Comedy

Run-time : 139 min

Region : India More...