K-von: Tanx God! (2014)

Comedian K-von has a father take enjoyment in the Middle-East with a mamma take enjoyment in Middle-America, let alone him wherever in-between…

Director : Steve Gute
Cast : Kevan Moezzi
Run Time : 67 min
Country : USA More...

Diabolique (2014)

Esmakra is a milk-like items cast off by vampires to infect the guy race. Causing addiction. Controlling them…

Director : Cosmotropia de Xam
Cast : Agnes Pándy, Martin N., Günter Schickert
Genre : Horror
Run Time : 60 min
Country : Germany More...

The Inquiry (2014)

Dublin 1913. The essential in the rear of the rhetoric since charismatic harmony principal Jim Larkin faces off opposed to mogul William Martin Murphy inside the claim that gave the meaning of insistence precisely fresh Ireland.

Director : Brian Gray
Cast : Stephen Murray, Bosco Hogan, Gerry O’Brien, Patrick O’Donnell, Gerry Herbert, Des Derwin, Matthew Ralli, Patrick Croft, James Tobin, Ciarán Moore
Genre : More...

One Stormy Night (2014)

A range of tykes must advocate their petite town opposition a mutated monster, established by a failed science experiment.

Director : Zack Hosseini
Cast : Cael Willis, Ali Taylor Wright, Tristan Davis-Jung, Christina Lachot, Branden M. Cook, Sinclair Culverson, Aimee Dunn, Jason Hurd, Sarah Boring, Ray Hosseini
Genre : Action, Horror, Thriller
Run Time : 60 min
Country : USA More...

Deposition (2014)

Director : Dan G. Dowd
Cast : Danilo Mancinelli, Stu Chaiken, Mike Wurst, Alesha Drew, Sarah Beck, Lee Scott, Nicole Celentano, Heather Seaman, Timothy Cummings, Melanie Kramer, Joe Messina, Kellie Karl
Genre : Drama
Run Time : 60 min
Country : USA More...

Lenore (2014)

A tender scholar is came over by three spirits following the loss of his darling Lenore. Will he judge a procedure to modify this formidable to loss, or will he yield to despair’s most recent temptation?

Director : Griffith Mehaffey
Cast : Danielle Davis, Adam Dillon, Gideon Hodge, Eric Lewis
Genre : Romance
Run Time : 60 min
Country : USA More...

Left for Dead (2014)

Four of the hardest girls enjoys the uses of New Mexico wrestle the hit-men that assassinated their tiny sister.

Director : Mikel-Jon West
Cast : General Blackery, Paul Cochrell, Joy Coy, Destiny Dickinson, Carter DuBois, Cynthia Griego, Intoxi Kate, Brian Lorelle, Matt Padilla, Chris Quintana, Holly Rebelle
Genre : Action
Run Time : 60 min
Country : USA More...

Spirited (2014)

Director : Bryan Kramer
Cast : Randall Yarbrough, Tim Cummings, Mindee de Lacey, Kevin Parasca, Sarah Yarbrough, Marina Michelson, Ryan French, Francoise Tiadem, Ian Loren, Stephanie Lau
Genre : Sci-Fi
Run Time : 60 min
Country : USA More...

Campin’ Buddies (2014)

Campin’ buddies try out to depart camping furthermore verify they are not extraordinarily tolerable at it.

Director : Tom Logan
Cast : Don Most, Victoria Jackson, Tom Lester, Mel Tillis, Debbie Hurley Pyle
Genre : Comedy
Run Time : 60 min
Country : USA More...

Freeze (2014)

Director : Gregory Gillaspie
Cast : Angel Picard-Ami, Ed Heavey, Barton Faulks, Claude Kerven, Desmond Aldridge, Alejandro Pagan, Tracy Sorensen, Santino Valdez, Ally Greer, Devin Ochoa, Bill Kilisid, Sean Hall, Jay Vernon
Genre : Sci-Fi
Run Time : 60 min
Country : USA More...