Let Me Out (2014/II)

Mark, his helpmate Maria with their two daughters were tragically murder at their own marital solitary night. It…

Director : Luis F. Montalvo
Cast : Michael Placencia, Jaqueline Siegel, Bill Houskeeper, Sean Michael Drake, Ana Quintana, Vanity Styles, Nayeli Maldonado, Francisco Frankie
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Run Time : USA:95 min More...

Three in a Bed (2014)

Three inside a bed is a romantic cropping up of epoch comedy coming to pass the survival of a besieged musician Nate….

Director : Lloyd Eyre-Morgan
Cast : Jack Bennetts, Louisa Bettine, Darren Bransford, Joe Chambers, Verity-May Henry, Jenny Morgan, Hector Moss, Eva Quinn, Jo Rollitt, Danny Seward, Kimberly Simpson, Olivia Sweeney
Genre : Comedy
Run Time : UK:95 min More...

#iKllr (2014)

Director : Jeffrey Coghlan
Cast : Katelynn Tonguis, Jeremy Schuetze, Jon Kondelik, Ben Marsh, Scott Butler, Mindy Montavon, Russ Kingston, LaNina Thomas
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Run Time : 95 min
Country : USA More...

Lost Angelas (2014)

Director :
Cast : David Proval, Joel Weiss, Jennifer Field, Hawk Walts, Angela Riccio, Taliesin Jacobs, Harry Marshak, Jesse Dena, Chris Carnaghi, Sheba Jacobs, Laura Liden, Ray Lara, Michael Dillihay, Jessica Anne Miller, Theo Sapoutzis
Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Run Time : 95 min
Country : USA More...

Jessica (2014)

Terrified of the permit with observation to her, not-so-recent college grad Jessica searches since something-anything-that additionally feels familiar.

Director : Scott K. Foley
Cast : Kelly O’Sullivan, Billy Dec, Clancy McCartney, Brian Neal, Walter Briggs, Paige Collins, Jason Erdman
Genre : Drama
Run Time : 95 min
Country : USA More...

About Mom and Dad… (2014)

A show as senses to the grading you certainly not sought to tolerate however cannot visualize living without.

Director : Rachel Shepherd
Cast : Morgana Shaw, Heather Kafka, Farah White, Jonny Mars, Brent Anderson, Joe Nemmers, Katy Rowe, Sawyer Bell, Alisha Revel, Madison Gilbert, Cameron Spooner
Genre : Drama, Romance
Run Time : 95 min
Country : USA More...

O.A.Z: Nan from Hell (2014)

Ed awakes one and only cock-crow to see his Nan has turn out to be one in all the alive dead. Trapped inside his quarters by his flesh consuming Nan, he seeks to cope. With slightly pitch inside with enjoys his friends, he struggles to live to say to the tale the daylight hours keeping his quarters zombie free.

Director : Tudley James
Cast : Marcus Carroll, Steve Purbrick, Abigail Hamilton, Darren Freebury-Jones, Mark More...

Story of Eva (2014)

Guilt ridden mum attempts to enact her reprisal critical her daughter’s killers. With detectives polishing off in, Eva transforms into a vengeful God.

Director : Tom Woodbeck
Cast : Nicole Rio, Ricco Ross, Daniel Quinn, Shawna Craig, Chelsea London Lloyd, Douglas Gawoski, Kale Flowers, Gev Khal, Laurie Cozart
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Run Time : 95 min
Country : USA More...

Benjamin Troubles (2014)

A couple of jinx jeans that generate a $100 dollar bill every hour happen into Ben’s being alive in addition to zilch functions for planned.

Director : Kai Ephron
Cast : Manu Intiraymi, Cameron Goodman, Jaime Gomez, Ken Lawson, Sean Michael Boozer, Sasha Yelaun, Terry Waldner, Mario Martin, Arthur P. Zuniga
Genre : Drama, Romance, Thriller
Run Time : 95 min
Country : USA More...

Terrordactyl (2014)

Cast : Victoria Summer, Bianca Haase, Jack E. Curenton, Candice Nunes, David Landry, Jason Tobias, Christopher Jennings, Kevin Keator
Genre : Horror
Run Time : USA:95 min More...