Sahri (2012)

A childhood array categories out on a face to bail a person out an mature lady excepting his house savours someone demolished. Could this quarters essentially troth haunted?

Director : Bob Denney
Cast : Casey Blackburn as Andrew, Faith Blankenship as Bethaney, Samantha Bright as Paige, Scott Heath as Eddie, Rachel Hopkins as Melissa, Zac Jones as Derrek, Garrek Thompson as Zach, Maranda Vandergriff as Lily, Chevy Anz as Sahri, More...

…Vanities… (2012)

Ron in addition to Nora in addition to their sixty-year prolonged argument. Lorna in addition to her tiring unfilled day. Loran inside an daily confusion. Orlane in addition to Arnold, wasted inside shelter in addition to time. Six natures carried to brand illuminate of the figure 'Vanity of vanities, everything is vanity!'
Ron furthermore Nora furthermore their sixty-year protracted argument. Lorna furthermore her tiring without More...

Embedded (2012)

In a trial to adjudge a abandoned boy inside the woods, an NBS information writer also his cameraman embed them in addition to a pigeonhole of hunters prior to everything act awry.

Director : Michael Bafaro
Cast : Don Knodel as James Parnell, Steve Thackray as Sheriff Mike Hoffler, Jeb Beach as Tom Whittaker, Jennifer Koenig as Wilma Ravens, Krista Magnusson as Deputy Percy Clark, Arpad Balogh as Deputy Clyde Owens, Lori Watt as More...

Easton’s Article (2012)

After obtaining his occuring obituary by means of a cryptic Internet file, Easton Denning is required to task his upset ancient times inside demands to block his forecasted demise.

Director : Tim Connery
Cast :
Chad Meyer as Easton Denning, Kristina Johnson as Hayley Reed, Dan Flannery as Lenny Eghart, Benjamin Barlow as Teen with Polaroid Camera, Joie Borland as Receptionist, Francis Henkels as Bartender, Charlene Hinderman as More...

The Dying Game (2012)

Alison wishes to audition as one more realism reach one’s destination inside New York City contacted 'THE GAME' critical her boyfriend Greg's wishes. She more or less auditions awaiting she's spooked by something she way over hears a new actress say. The subsequently daylight hours behind moreover evaluation she learns that THE GAME was played inside Brazil with the kinsfolk who played THE GAME the complete thing More...

Squatch! Curse of the Tree Guardian (2012)

Director :
Cast : Oryan Landa as Deputy Frank, Dan Murphy as Redneck Don Funk, Chris J. Knight as Squatch, Irvin Lewis as Clark Lewis, Anthony J. Caruso as Tony, Jeannie Carter as Cristina Lopez, Felix Alonzo as Hector Nunez, Westley Williamson as Jack Robinson, Karina Dominguez as Stephanie Morgan, David Kanak as Scott Morgan
Genre : Thriller
Run Time :
Country : USA More...

Missing You (2012/I)

Director : Phil Duran
Cast : Lauren Myers as Laura, Israel Wright as Rick (as Spencer Wright), Merritt Glover as Camille, Phil Duran as Arnie, Amy Jo Larsen as Melissa, Eric Bodwell as Eddie, Billy Garberina as Jimmy, Megan Pribyl as Britney, Patricia Thompson as Ms. Tennyson, Claire Caldwell as Ms. Tennyson's Receptionist / Flawed Automated Voice, Victoria Culkin as Travel Agency Receptionist, Jeremy Owen as Rick's Travel Agent, More...

Orleans (2012)

Director : Virgil Vernier
Cast : Julia Auchynnikava, Damien Bonnard, Andréa Brusque, Christophe Dimitri Réveille Directed by Virgil Vernier   Cinematography by Tom Harari   Film Editing by Emma Augier  Eulalie Korenfeld   Casting by Judith Chalier   Sound Department Yohann Angelvy as. sound mixer: atmosphere Simon Apostolou as. sound re-recording mixer Damien Guillaume as. sound editor More...

Peppa Pig: Flying a Kite and Other Stories (2012)

Director : Source could not be read
Cast :
Genre : Category Unspecified
Run Time : 52 min
Country : More...

Blackmoney ® (2012)

The parents of Chidi,an international student loves Nigeria are murdered inside a motor vehicle wreck, Chidi furthermore his sister, Chioma are gone to fend since themselves. This in due course leads to a monetary test that turns Chidi to a universe of misdeed where he joins the hot gang detected since the, "Risers." Theft, fraud, fraud furthermore violence is the request of the daytime plus the Risers. From Nigeria, to the USA the sting of More...