In the Name of the King: Two Worlds (2011)

Director : Uwe Boll
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Cast : Dolph Lundgren as Granger, Natassia Malthe as Manhatten, Lochlyn Munro as King / Raven, Heather Doerksen as Dunyana, Michaela Mann as Young Woman, Aleks Paunovic as Allard, Natalia Guslistaya as Elianna, Christina Jastrzembska as Holy Mother, Michael Adamthwaite as Thane, John Tench as Dark One Lord, Elisabeth Rosen as Seer, More...

30:Minutes or Less (2011)

Director : Ruben Fleischer
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Cast : Jesse Eisenberg as Nick, Danny McBride as Dwayne, Aziz Ansari as Chet, Nick Swardson as Travis, Dilshad Vadsaria as Kate, Michael Peña as Chango, Bianca Kajlich as Juicy, Fred Ward as The Major, Sam Johnston as 15 Year Old, Jack Foley as 15 Year Old, Elizabeth Wright Shapiro as Chet's Date, Brett Gelman as More...

…Und Exitus (2011)

Director : Oliver Ziegler
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Cast : Philippe Jacq as Author, Roman Kohnle as Death / Clown, Dorothea Lata as Tina, Merten Schroedter as Werner Lenz
Plot : A modern-day fairytale close to the 29 once a year older Werner Lenz who, behind striving to commit suicide, finds himself on a magical glide and a personalized…
Run Time : 82 More...

Roark Comptons: The Motion Picture (2011)

Director : Mark Potts
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Cast : Brand Rackley as Roark Comptons, Mark Potts as Carl, Don Swaynos as NYC Druggie, Lindsey Newell as 1970S NYC-Style Prostitute, Matthew Alvin Brown as Ryan, Dan O'Donoghue as Hank, Cole Selix as Ted, Brandon Moorhead as Clone, Nick Tankersley as Carl
Plot : Roark Comptons was one time Hollywood's prime agent. More...

Dia de Preto (2011)

Director : Source could not be read
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
Cast : Marcelo Batista as Preto, Paulo Abreu as Patrão, Andrea Cassali as Capanga, Ricardo Bonaverti as Chefe, Naiara Hawaii as Capanga, Raul Ferreira as ?, Deivid Araújo as Capanga, Guilherme Almeida as Corno
Plot : At the long path away of slavery, every daylight was a "day of black" inside More...

Immortalitas (2011)

Director : Boshnak Erik
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Cast : Karol Csíno as Adam, Pavel Visnovský as Gabriel, Lujza Garajová Schrameková as Eva / Nicol, Lukas Pelc as Devil, Jakub Gogál as Sebastian
Plot : Eternal continuation — A reward or a curse? Life battery on Earth is arising to it's end. The abode is destroyed…
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Paul and Bryant Make Out with Everybody (2011)

Director : Source could not be read
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Cast : Rebecca Barker as Rebar, Andrew 'The Sauce' Wolfe as Sauce, D.K. Johnston as Himself, Bryant Mainord as Himself, Woodruff Laputka as Himself, Renee Daw as Herself, Dana Ovsak as Herself, Joey Weaver as Himself, Paul Rufus Jones as Himself, Sarah Baird as Herself, Erin Mahaffey as Herself, John Whitlock as More...

Echo (2011)

Director : Todd Douglas Bailey
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Cast : Scott Cook as Vincent Rotelli, Gerald Delaney as Jesse, Matthew Faulisi as Frank Risello, Rob Hesch as Will Keating, Sheila Redman Hoffman as Katie Risello
Plot : Katie Risello, the baby girl of a city mob boss, is kidnapped on her routine house fancy work. Her boyfriend…
Run Time : 94 min

The Last Wild Race (2011)

Director : Brian J. Leitten
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Action, Adventure, Sport
Cast :
Plot : 56 adventurers take pleasurable in across the earth meet on Chilean Patagonia since the 9th edition of the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race…
Run Time : 44 min
Country : Chile | USA
Company : More...

Vanished (2011/I)

Director : Karim Dridi
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Adventure, Crime, Thriller
Cast : Ronda Smalling as Melissa Baum
Plot : An American inside Paris uncovers a bigger terrorist arrangement regarding his kidnapped daughter.
Run Time :
Country : USA
Company : NOCI Pictures Entertainment More...