Hill Start (2014)

A Comic drama that tells the tale of the Geva department – a bourgeois department loves Jerusalem. When the mama of the family, Ora, move into a coma succeeding a motorized vehicle accident, the department members undertake to transfer her do anyone a favour inside every technique possible.

Director : Oren Shtern

Genre : Comedy

Run-time : 90 min

Region : Israel More...

Behind the Door (2014/I)

Coming off of a appalling contravened engagement, Daniel Mays appears to advent one more continuation inside one more upstate home…

Director : Kevin Hicks

Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Run-time : USA:90 min

Region : USA More...

What It Was (2014)

An ex is reignited furthermore one more taste is stir up once Hollywood Actress Adina J. Spencer earnings back up to New York. Soon she is constraint to countenance her sexual past, task her throw up identity, furthermore come bright with her truthful love.

Director : Daniel Armando

Genre : Drama, Romance

Run-time : 90 min

Region : USA More...

Precious Mettle (2014)

Alone following trailing his school inside a motorized vehicle accident, a retiring regulate commander struggles to be of route to a female descendant he on no account knew break out heroin addiction in addition to a ancient times that endangers her, moment enquiring his paramount friend's murder.

Director : Edmond G Coisson

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Run-time : 90 min

Region : More...

In Your Name (2014)

A virtually delightful partners have faith in they live their imagine whilst they imagine their initially child. That imagine is shattered whilst the teenager dies, let alone each other to take care of their loss, their environment, furthermore sooner or later themselves.

Director : Source could not be read

Genre : Drama, Family, Thriller

Run-time : 90 min

Region : France | Belgium | Netherlands More...

Muitos Homens Num Só (2014)

Rio de Janeiro, popping out of the 20th century. This is the zone also long period of time where inside incredible business between Dr…

Director : Mini Kerti

Genre : Crime, Drama, History, Romance

Run-time : 90 min

Region : Brazil More...

In Silence (2014)

Director : Zdenek Jiráský

Genre : Drama, History, War

Run-time : 90 min

Region : Czech Republic | Slovakia More...

Muita Calma Nessa Hora 2 (2014)

Director : Felipe Joffily

Genre : Comedy

Run-time : 90 min (approx.)

Region : Brazil More...

Electra (2014)

The narrative is a present version of the getting on Greek myth of Electra. Electra is a tender damsel foreigner inside her own land…

Director : Petros Sevastikoglou

Genre : Drama

Run-time : 90 min (original version)

Region : Greece More...

Boys Like Us (2014)

Neurotic, Parisian, gay, plus thirty-something, three friends engrossed their mannerism inside Austrian mountains. From dizzying summits to big abyss, at the moment may troth the precise long mannerism away to acquire take of their lives, lovers, plus friendships.

Director : Patric Chiha

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Run-time : 90 min

Region : Austria | France More...