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Extinction: Patient Zero (2014)

A array of scientists caught up inside a sheltered compartment go through a restricted duration to see if they’ve been infected by a catastrophic virus in addition to whether they would get away or face expression the contact protocols that go through been activated.

Director : Joe Eckardt

Cast : Corin Nemec, Rebecca Blumhagen, Nick Stevenson, William D. Coleman

Genre : Thriller

Run Time : 80 min

Country : UK More...

The Web (2014)

Recently, Ji-Hyun is fixed inside evaluating Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’. Her daydream is to troth a novelist, so…

Director : Jd Kim

Cast : Ye-Jin Chung, Ha-Young Kim, Hye-Ju Shim, Eun-Young Kim, Yeong-Un Park, Eun-Seo Shim, Jung-Woo Ko, Jun-Hwan Yeo, Hae-Yoon Yoon

Genre : Drama, Fantasy

Run Time : 79 min

Country : South Korea More...

A Motel and a Hard Place (2014)

A mockery comedy collection inside Gore regarding 3 guys attempting to rout their colleague out of a observe station by policy of a accessible motel apartment because cover…

Cast : Kirk Bremner

Genre : Comedy

Run Time : 79 min

Country : New Zealand More...

Silent Sisters (2014)

Under the excuse of throwing a Halloween party, sisters Lisa also Laura attract a little array of prior classmates to their home…

Director : Natu Nimuee

Cast : Bianca Stillger, Jasmin Stillger, Flavia Christina Hirschfelder, Sabrina Kaltenhauser, Katharina Tschilikin, Anika Geyer, Alexander Lind, Natu Nimuee, Andreas Röth, Bernd Geyer, Steffen Kaul

Genre : Drama, Horror, Mystery

Run Time : 79 min

Country : Germany More...

Micropolis (2014)

Micropolis is a issue matter park. It’s the realm of the Mongoose. Their idyllic lives are threatened while Rascal, the head of the shrews, decides to destroy the mongoose residents in addition to to seize direct of the city.

Director : Csaba Bárdos

Genre : Animation, Comedy

Run Time : 79 min

Country : Hungary More...

Hungerford (2014)

The lives of a brand of tykes are circled upside slurp as their town is conveyed more than by disturbing forces.

Director : Drew Casson

Cast : Jenna Sharpe, Drew Casson, Georgia Bradley, Nigel Morgan, Tom Scarlett, Colin Murtagh, Sam Carter, Colin Stark, Mark Cusack, Kitty Speed, Paul Radziwill

Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi

Run Time : 79 min

Country : UK More...

Dark Nights (2014)

Adam plus Eve converge in the deadened of night inside the side road plus wind wide awake at fathom each other. The notice near to their history lives; their wants, desires, beliefs plus potentially, their future.

Director : Timothy Welch

Cast : Tom Williamson, Jaquelyn Johnson, Jerome Balestrieri, Kris Kloss, Tony Bruno, Kristina St. Peter, Ej Lucas, Rome Balestrieri, Jaquelyn Johnson, Kris Kloss, Ed Lucas, Kristina St. Peter

Genre : Drama

Run Time : More...

Lock In (2014)

Locked inside an workplace thwart in addition to a sadistic clown the personnel must function united to go on the night.

Director : Mark J. Howard

Cast : Roy Basnett, Jessica Cunningham, Rachel Dargie, Simon Entwistle, Holly Chadwick

Genre : Horror

Run Time : 79 min

Country : UK More...

Sveci (2014)

Kralj as anyways as Joke are minute long period of time crooks, as well as their unproductive endeavors to acquire rich. They fetch wide awake at the…

Director : Ivan Peric

Cast : Marko Kapitanovic, Duje Grubisic, Tino Bandini, Marija Cvrlje, Sinisa Vuco

Genre : Comedy

Run Time : 79 min

Country : Croatia More...

The Honeymoon (2014)

A small pair is toss into a damaging tourney of feline along with mouse beyond they trek deep into the desolate tract on a honeymoon canoe misstep along with turn out to be targets of a vengeful family.

Director : Rob Rowatt

Cast : Max Ingrao, Matt Trueman, Laura Keightley, Elroy Jelinek, Jim Melanson, Barry Lavender, Anne Shepherd, Katy Hedalen

Genre : Thriller

Run Time : 79 min

Country : Canada More...