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Manhattan Romance (2014)

Danny, a poster editor furthermore documentary filmmaker tries to conclude his film, a research on relationship…

Director : Tom O’Brien

Cast : Gaby Hoffmann, Caitlin FitzGerald, Katherine Waterston, Zach Grenier, Louis Cancelmi, Tom O’Brien, Ean Sheehy, Jessie Barr, Paul O’Brien

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Run Time : 94 min

Country : USA More...

Tillbaka till Bromma (2014)

Anders, Kenneth plus Steven went to expensive type together. Today they are 38…

Director : Martin Persson

Cast : Peter Magnusson, Hanna Alström, Sandra Huldt, Julia Ragnarsson, Adam Nordlund, Andreas Utterhall, Oskar Thunberg, Veronica Dahlström, Yngve Dahlberg, David Eklund, Johan Hallström, Lisa Henni, Anne Bergstedt Jordanova, Martin Rutegård

Genre : Comedy

Run Time : 94 min

Country : Sweden More...

Blood Shed (2014)

A displaced loner moves into a self-storage package as hunting his past, other than presently he grasps that this region is someone haunted by a deranged woman folk ghost.

Cast : Gabriel De Santi, Bree Essrig, Cherie Daly, Chris Hampton, Bai Ling, Qaadir Howard, Lauren Aboulafia, Colin Campbell, Lia Chapman, Trent Haaga, Richard Azurdia, Brandon Barrera, Molly Hawkey, Jorge Jimenez, Kate Landro, Cuete Yeska

Genre : Horror

Run Time : 94 min

Country : More...

Back in the Day (2014/I)

Sometimes inside ask to changed forward, you got to set out back. And inside this lewd comedy, Jim Owens does…

Director : Michael Rosenbaum

Cast : Joe Spina, Kevin Arnold, William Brown, Joshua P. Buente, Violet Buttrum, Roni Jonah, Easton Lee McCuiston, Reece McDaniel, Austin Rawlins, Jonathan Stone, Sam Yates

Genre : Comedy

Run Time : 94 min

Country : UK | USA More...

Stitch (2014)

Parents grieving the demise of their infantile female child cast to the deep barren region because a analysis ritual, where they rapidly disclose harrowing forces.

Director : Ajai

Cast : Shirly Brener, Edward Furlong, Tiffany Martin, Laurence Mason, Diane Salinger, Douglas Tait, Shawna Waldron

Genre : Thriller

Run Time : 94 min

Country : USA More...

Walter (2014/I)

A ticket-taker at the local movie theater believes he is the youngster of God. He has admited defeat to pencil the eternal lot of all and sundry he comes inside to communication with.

Director : Anna Mastro

Cast : Milo Ventimiglia, Leven Rambin, Justin Kirk, Matthew W. Allen, Alexsia Renee Patton, Riley Rae Baker, Gabé Hirsch, Yoel Bautista, Robert Henry, Fire Department Funeral Detail, Casey Ellsworth, Abiona Collins

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Run Time : More...

Voodoo Possession (2014)

Imagine an unquenchable demon that feeds on blood, thrives on pain, as anyways as reaches relishes away from the vital to torment the living…

Director : Walter Boholst

Cast : Ama Amoafo-Yeboah, Allena Cayce, Treva Etienne, Nancy La Scala, Emily Moody, Sloane Morgan Siegel, Danny Trejo, Krystal Williams, Wanoka Lorraine Woods, Jorge Xolalpa

Genre : Drama, Horror, Mystery

Run Time : 94 min

Country : USA More...

Extinction: Patient Zero (2014)

A array of scientists caught up inside a sheltered compartment go through a restricted duration to see if they’ve been infected by a catastrophic virus in addition to whether they would get away or face expression the contact protocols that go through been activated.

Director : Joe Eckardt

Cast : Corin Nemec, Rebecca Blumhagen, Nick Stevenson, William D. Coleman

Genre : Thriller

Run Time : 80 min

Country : UK More...

The Web (2014)

Recently, Ji-Hyun is fixed inside evaluating Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’. Her daydream is to troth a novelist, so…

Director : Jd Kim

Cast : Ye-Jin Chung, Ha-Young Kim, Hye-Ju Shim, Eun-Young Kim, Yeong-Un Park, Eun-Seo Shim, Jung-Woo Ko, Jun-Hwan Yeo, Hae-Yoon Yoon

Genre : Drama, Fantasy

Run Time : 79 min

Country : South Korea More...

A Motel and a Hard Place (2014)

A mockery comedy collection inside Gore regarding 3 guys attempting to rout their colleague out of a observe station by policy of a accessible motel apartment because cover…

Cast : Kirk Bremner

Genre : Comedy

Run Time : 79 min

Country : New Zealand More...